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Extra Fine Garden Soil, $60/yard

Now available, our Garden Soil Blend screened down to 1/2” $12/bag (20lb bag), $60/yard.


We recommend using 3-4 inches of leaf mulch for your garden beds to keep any weeds down, help retain moisture in your beds, attract worms, and build your soil as the leaves continue to break down.


We recommend using Revita 545 in conjunction with our compost or soil blends.


Our compost is made from yard waste as we are a class 4 facility with the EPA. The bulk of our materials come from leaves and wood chips from local municipalities. Our compost is then aged for two or more years before it’s a final product. We do not use chemicals, pesticides or herbicides in the making of our compost, soil blends, mulch, or topsoil.

Extra Fine Garden Soil, $60/yard

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