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Family-Owned Business

Keever Creek Farms spans two locations in Lebanon, OH. Organic Gardening has been our passion for over 4 decades and with the purchase of the Hamilton Rd farm, our goal is to farm the land organically and build the soil.  We love to help others grow their own food organically and give our locally grown food to both food banks and soup kitchens. We believe that farming and gardening starts with good compost, which is why Marvin has been spearheading organically made compost for over 40 years!  


Whether you need a dozen farm fresh eggs, 2 yards of Garden Soil, or a tree log milled, let us know how we can serve you!?



At Keever Creek Farms we believe that healthy grown foods begins with healthy soil.  Our recent addition to KCF is a beautiful farm established in 1850, with over 100 acres that has been farmed for generations. Our hope is to rebuild the soil and to grow organic foods.  We have proudly sold compost, soil blends, and mulch for a few decades, but in addition to food production and a passion for soil, we have expanded our business to include a Sawmill, cutting up to 50" wide and 18' long. If you are looking to have your tree slabbed or made into beams for your new home, we are here to serve your creative needs.

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