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Compost And Topsoil Supplier

Choose Us to Be Your Compost and Topsoil Supplier

If you are in need of compost or topsoil in the Lebanon, OH area, come to Keever Creek Farms. Here at Keever Creek Farms, we are your number one compost and topsoil supplier in the local area. When you purchase topsoil, garden soil, and compost from us, you’re getting the highest quality possible. Our compost and blends are screened to no more than ¾ inch, and we always do our absolute best to screen our product before they reach you. However, you may find a bit of debris or compostable materials that have not yet been fully broken down. Look for our amazing lawn soil which features a nice 50-50 blend of compost and topsoil. This blend is terrific to help fill in any low spots on your lawn, or you may use it to reseed a new lawn for healthy, green grass. Keever Creek Farms is the best compost and topsoil supplier in the Lebanon, Ohio area, so be sure to come and see us today.

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